Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is dedicated to providing as much transparency and value to you as possible. Below are a few answers to common questions for social media advertising.

What is effective social media marketing?

First you need to be clear on your specific campaign goals. For example:
Goal #1: Increase website referrals and revenue
Strategy: Promote your products and services through organic and paid posts. We would track performance metrics such as traffic, direct sales and assisted sales.
Goal #2: Build an engaged audience
Strategy: Promote engaging and relevant content to incrementally grow your audience on the social media platforms that your target audience use. We would track engagement metrics, and qualitative / quantitative audience feedback.

What if I have a lack of shareable content?

FUTCOM help you build a library full of relevant and compelling content that your target audience is interested in. We hunt down relevant content, blogs, repurpose existing content to share over time, and much more. It’s always best to have an existing library of content we can work with, however don’t worry if you don’t, we can get our team to work a little harder to ensure we have content ready for you.

How do I measure return on investment on social media?

We set up conversion goals to record high-value customer interactions such as sales online, completion of contact forms, time spent on a landing page, newsletter signups, promotion signups, and anything else you wish to track.

In addition, there are indirect benefits of social media that are impossible to precisely measure, which include social proof, credibility and brand awareness. These factors play a psychological role in your customer’s buying decisions.

What do you need from us?

Every project is a little different so we will always advise what’s required during our discovery session, which will be listed and discussed alongside the solutions and objectives section of this proposal. Other generic assets we would need from you are listed below, unless previously discussed:

  • Logo / branding artwork
  • Branding guideline
  • All available images that need to be used
  • Additional images suggested by the FUTCOM team
  • Document inclusive of all copywriting for the entire website
  • Google Analytics and Facebook/Instagram Access

When will I be charged?

Depending on the service, you may be asked to pay a setup fee before work can begin. Monthly retainers are invoiced on the 26th of every month. 

What do social media managers actually do?

It depends on the service, but generally they are responsible for the following:

  • Manage content and posting calendars to plan and schedule posts
  • Curate engaging, creative content
  • Monitor brand mentions and keywords
  • Engage with customers and partners (i.e. reply to all comments, reviews and questions)
  • Review analytics and determine next steps
  • Optimise social media posts and performance